The Boulevard Shopping Mall

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The mall on the Autobahn - A heaven for shopping

Malls are always considered to be the finest source of entertainment, a dose of shopping for the shopaholics and a medium of entertainment for the younger audience. Offering a wide variety of services and an ideal location to serve as a getaway, the Boulevard Mall Pakistan cements its dominant place as the leader of the commercial activities in the city.

The mall houses large underground parking, unlike any other so-called malls within the metropolis. The valet parking system might be a borrowed idea but then again, it is mighty effective. The mall also provides a wheelchair accessible parking, elevator and entrance. The elderly can now relive the shopping experience and excitement while having a quality time with the family members.

Boulevard Mall Pakistan provides an opportunity for the business community as well. Offering investment opportunities and units for sale, there are many who invest a day in and day out to make a profitable return of the trade. The mall ensures that the interest of the business community is kept up to the expectation and maintained with clear and transparent policies.

The mall offers an exquisite food court which is easily comparable to any other mall throughout the country. Hosting a wide variety of cuisines and fast food chains, both families and friends can take advantage of the scrumptious feasts they can get their hands-on while being seated in a rather open and comfortable seating area.

The Boulevard Mall Pakistan has brought to the table an aspect of life that Hyderabad had never witnessed before to start with. Becoming the torch bearer and the leader, this mall has set out to enhance the lives of the citizens and offer them value for money.

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